24 and Thankful

Well, today I turned 24! I feel like I have reached the point in my life where each year that goes and people ask me if I feel older, I honestly answer ‘yes’. I wanted to take a few minutes and think about all that I have to be thankful for in my life right now. Since I’m 24, I’m making a list of 24 things & people I’m thankful for-in no specific order of course =)

  1. A God that forgives
  2. My mom who has always been there for me to provide comfort and Godly wisdom
  3. My dad who always has advice and guidance in following the Lord’s will
  4. For my brother who even in the darkest times of his life he has shown that God does bring good out of bad
  5. My whole family for that matter and how they show that even through trials we turn to God
  6. A school that has given me a safe place to grow in the Lord for the last 6 years
  7. For the travel experiences I have had here at CIU
  8. For my professors that are always there for me (us) and are transparent
  9. For my best friend, Heidi, who has been with me through the good, bad, and ugly and has continued to love me
  10. For my amazing roommate, Meagan (boo boo), who also has stuck with me as we both grow-celebrating in new things and crying through hard things figuring out life one day at a time
  11. For my previous roommates: Jeannine, Ellen and Stephanie who have all played a part in who I am today
  12. For all of my girls at CCL that don’t even know how much they have taught me and given me laughter when I’ve needed it the most
  13. For my church that hasn’t judged me for my mistakes and walked with me through some of the hardest times
  14. A God that hears & answers my prayers
  15. For Jaimie who has become one of my closest friends and who has shown me that struggle may be close but God is closer and how to live in the moment
  16. For friends who are honest
  17. For my future
  18. For laughter
  19. For the provision that God gives me even if it is at the last minute
  20. For all my other friends who I don’t have enough numbers to name that have always been there for a laugh or a cry or just to listen
  21. For parents that are supportive of me and where the Lord is leading me
  22. That God sent His one and only Son to die FOR ME!!
  23. For all the things that I have gone through
  24. For being alive and well one more year

Heres to another year-may it be the best one yet =)



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