Loving Me For Me

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

I have always grown up with cats but I came to the point where I wanted a dog. I thought they would be fun and a great companion. I dreamed this imaginary lifestyle in my head of the magic a dog would bring to my life. This past week I found a dog that I liked and seemed sweet. However, after I adopted him it became very clear to me how much work a dog can be; especially compared to a cat. It wasn’t just the work but his personality was work because he needed some special training that I wasn’t aware of before hand. The ending of this story is sad because I had to give him back to his foster home. I knew I wouldn’t be happy so I went with my gut. I learned the hard way that adopting a pet shouldn’t be taken lightly. This dog’s personality didn’t fit with my personality. It was hard. I didn’t like any minute of it.

Something that I’ve struggled with is looking at other people’s lives in life in person or people online that I didn’t know and wishing I had what they had. I would wish I had a certain style of fashion. That I had their breed of dog because they made it look fun and cute. That I had their body. The list goes on. I have tried to fit my life into someone else’s a that’s not right. I have my own life and I am made to have certain things based on my lifestyle and personality.ic1dX3kBQjGNaPQb8Xel_1920 x 1280_Fotor

Sometimes what you think you want isn’t what you actually need. Maybe I will get a kitten instead of a dog and that’s just how I am made-a cat person. I can’t force myself to be a dog person if that’s not my personality. I can’t be a doctor because I’m squeamish with blood, wounds and illness because God created me to love people in a different way. I can’t force myself to have a certain style of clothes because I just have my own taste, a type of musical interest, or even a type of guy. So, I ask the question:

How do I know what’s right for me?


I’m at the point in my life where I am trying to fit into who God made me to be. I’m out of college and now in the real world. I don’t know what I need. I was challenged by a friend who trains dogs to make a list of qualities and characteristics that I would like in a dog and that way I can filter dogs easier. I have decided to take this challenge a little deeper. I am asking myself the question of what other lists in life do I need to make? This is why personality and strengths quizzes are so popular. We don’t know who we are and meant to be. Now, a quiz can tell you a lot about yourself but I believe that the only person that can tell you who you are and meant to be is God. He made me and you!! I am going to make lists for different aspects in my life and then take that list before God and pray over it. It’s a list of things that I think I need/want but then I’m allowing God to whittle that list down or change it.





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