Called Higher

I feel like I haven’t written in a while. You would think it’s because I have a job that keeps me busy but I still don’t have one of those yet. But, I did adopt two new additions in my life. I  adopted two kitten sisters and can I just say that they are the cutest things. I’ll let you judge for yourself 🙂 Their names are Anna and Elsa (from the Disney movie Frozen).


Okay, back on track now. I have recently purchased the DVD “Soul Surfer”. If you aren’t familiar with this movie it’s based on the true story of surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm to a shark attack. In the movie, Bethany is challenged to not focus on the fact that she lost her arm but on the bigger picture of what God is doing in her life in spite of her loss. If she stayed focused on her lost arm, she would have missed out on the amazing ministry opportunities that the Lord had for her.

“Keep this in mind tonight… the devil loves to make us focus on the little that’s wrong

so we miss the big picture of all that’s right.”

Lysa TerKeurst

It was about a month ago when I got an email from my internship site for this coming fall that they might not be able to be my site due to some legal issues. I got the email in Wal-Mart where I proceeded to tell my mom what happened and balled my eyes out…in the middle of Wal-Mart. I felt like my world was crashing down and the path I thought I was headed down all of a sudden looked unsure. I started questioning my move back home to Charlotte because I still didn’t have a job and now it looked like I wasn’t going to have an internship. I was focusing on my own mountain of problems instead of focusing on the One who can move those mountains. Well, it happened to be that day that I had planned to attend my first women’s life group through my church. I wanted to go but I didn’t because all I wanted to do was stay in my room and mope. But I went anyway and cried on the way. I composed myself when I got there and when I walked up I knew I was at the right place. These ladies stood up, welcomed me and each gave me a hug. I had never felt so loved by people I had just met in my life. I opened up a little about my current situation and they were so attentive and concerned. Needless to say it was wonderful.

It wasn’t long after that that I started hanging out outside of group with some of the girls. It’s been through these interactions that I have realized me being here right now is not about a job or an internship but about the relationships that I am forming. It’s about how the Lord wants to use me to be a friend and mentor.

 So, even though in my heart I knew the Lord brought me back to NC things didn’t go as planned. However, when I took a step back and realized that the Lord was teaching me to focus on Himself and on the ones around me, my purpose became much bigger than myself. Being a child of God my calling is higher than myself.


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